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Soda Jerk - Full Time or Part Time

Company: | Location: St. Charles, MO


**What’s a Soda Jerk?!?**
Day to day, Jerks are the folks that scoop ice cream, mix up phosphate sodas, create masterpiece Main Street Monster Milkshakes, and delight our guests. Soda Jerks are the heart of our business at Little O’s.

**What makes a Little O’s Soda Jerk amazing?**
The most important trait to take a Soda Jerk from “okay” to “amazing!” is attitude. Above all, Little O’s Jerks are friendly, welcoming, accepting, and kind.
Additionally, our Jerks have good initiative, use time management skills, display a strong work ethic, and are comfortable working in a fast paced environment. They maintain a positive attitude, are outgoing and enthusiastic, and have excellent communication skills.

**What does a Soda Jerk’s schedule look like?**
Jerks schedules vary based on individual availability. Our ideal part-time Jerks work 10-20 hours per week, and our ideal full-time Jerks work 30-35 hours a week. We run day and evening shifts on weekdays, and day, mid, and evening shifts on weekends.

**What are the perks of being a Jerk?**
There are lots of great benefits to working as a Soda Fountain Jerk! On average, current Jerks make $16-18/hr, and higher wages available for outstanding employees. Jerks also have a fun, friendly, and flexible work environment. Our crew works well together, and shares the load. Because of the amazing team work, we’re out within a half hour of closing 99% of the time.

**What other things qualify a potential-Jerk for consideration?**
Jerks must be 16 & up, have reliable transportation, and be eligible to work in the US. Weekends are key for Jerks - being able to work on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays push you to the head of the pack when you apply.