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“10 Leadership Lessons From The World’s Greatest Leaders”

Typically when you mention the word leader, historical namesspring to mind. Political or Governing leaders includeWinston Churchill, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, JuliusCaesar, William Wallace, Lenin, Mandela, Gandhi, Thatcher,Kennedy, the list goes on.

All of these names have left their mark in history -they have inspired millions to follow their example,in some cases with magnificent results and in othersquite catastrophic.

But what all leaders seem to have in common is summed up ina quote by Vance Packard (The Hidden Persuaders) – “Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to wantto do something you are convinced should be done”.

You see whether we talk about Jack Welch and GeneralElectric, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela or whoever,there are a number of key leadership strategies orprinciples that you can take on board and implement tobenefit your own organization:

1. Become a great communicator – you may have a great ideabut unless you can convince the masses your unlikely tosucceed.

2. Understand and learn about the people your leading -Differentiate between Delegation, Coaching, Directing andSupporting people within your organization. You mustidentify who falls into which category.

3. Be prepared for Criticism – but stick with your corevalues and beliefs.

4. Stay Focused – Do what you do best – Focus yourenergies on your core business.

5. Become an Expert in your field – Learn to do what youcurrently do even better – Own your niche.

6. Cut Cost and waste – eliminate unnecessary waste and yourprofit margins will improve.

7. Focus on Time Management – Spend your time working onthose projects or initiative that yield the highestreturn.

8. Embrace change – don’t fear it.

9. Become a leaderComputer Technology Articles, act like a leader – source new ideasencourage innovation and make sure it spreadsthroughout theorganization.

10. Earn respect and give respect to everyone whoshares your vision and values.