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Why This Indeed Vice President Is Confident In A Hybrid Future

Experts working in the job recruitment and HR industries mostly agree that there will never be a full-office return   

According to Scott Bonneau, vice president of global talent attraction and HR analytics at Indeed, hybrid models are going to emerge as the ideal work arrangement of choice as they provide a “happy middle ground.”   

For companies that resist this change, their future would be uncertain at best, and the final nail in the coffin at worst. 

“The young generation isn’t afraid to go with their feet and better integrate their work with their personal lives,” said Bonneau. 

Even Indeed has changed its tune from its five-day work week policy prior to the pandemic. Now less than 1% of staff do so after internal employee surveys suggested a preference for remote and hybrid models. 

Still, how certain age groups perceive the office greatly differs. For instance, 92% of Gen Z workers stated they feel they are missing out on a traditional office experience compared to 70% of Millennials. 

But the fear of lacking personable work skills isn’t enough to bring these workers in the office more than necessary. 

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